Water features. Our retrievers
train in natural settings using
different ponds of all sizes
including our technical pond
for advanced level training.
Client participation. It is
important to us that you are
included in your retrievers
training. Days are scheduled
for you to join us to learn how
to work with your dog.
Training Days
Getting acquainted. Some
retrievers are hunters by
instinct and others have to be
acquainted with birds before
they will bring them back to
you. We will use a combination
of bumpers and birds to
achieve this task.
to acquire all the skills
needed to be proficient.
Your dog will come and
their training
experience.  We offer
different levels of
training from obedience
to a finished retriever
or upland hunter. We
also require you to train
with your dog so you
will be able to recall
and use the proper
commands. Please
contact us for pricing
and availability.